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Welcome to the Emily Blunt Network press archives, where you’ll find online articles, interviews and magazine features of Emily from throughout her career. We aim to make this section as complete a resource as you’d hope to find, so if you have any articles that we may be missing, be sure to contact us so we can add it in. The archives will be updated as often as possible, allowing fans to have a reliable way of keeping track of Emily’s latest interviews.

Magazine and Press Articles from 2016

2016/04: Let’s Be Blunt – C Magazine
2016/04: ‘I’m not keen on nudity – I’m not 22 any more’ – The Telegraph

Magazine and Press Articles from 2015

2015/01: ‘Nobody goes through life unscathed’ – The Guardian
2015/09: Blunt, Del Toro tackle drug war in ‘Sicario’ – USA Today
2015/10: Emily Blunt talks Hamilton The Musical and Sicario – Awards Daily
2015/10: Emily Blunt interview: why the Hollywood star is as English as they come – Radio Times
2015/10: ‘Tom Cruise is the reason I bounced back after pregnancy’ – The Independent
2015/12: Emily Blunt on Her Sicario Role, Remaining Normal, and Avoiding Social Media – New York Magazine

Magazine and Press Articles from 2014

2014/04: Emily Blunt On Her Next Big Project—Motherhood – Vogue
2014/05: Emily Blunt on Tom Cruise, her new baby and acting mean – The Telegraph
2014/06: Emily Blunt has big plans for ‘Tomorrow’ – USA Today
2014/07: Bright Future – Harpers Bazaar UK
2014/12: ‘I Want to Be a Gay Icon’ – Advocate
2014/12: Emily Blunt Takes Us ‘Into the Woods’ – Backstage
2014/12: The Other Side – Deadline
2014/12: The Real Deal – Net-A-Porter
2014/12: Desperate To Speak: How Emily Blunt Found Her Voice – NPR
2014/12: The Fairytale Life of Emily Blunt – Rhapsody
2014/12: Emily Blunt Crafts A Modern Fairy Tale – Violet Grey
2014/12: Emily Blunt on Into the Woods, Captain Marvel, and Her Go-To Karaoke Song – Vulture
2014/12: Emily Blunt’s New Movie Adventure – Wall Street Journal

Magazine and Press Articles from 2013

2013/04: Emily Blunt Talks To Us About Colin Firth’s Sweet Golfer Style – Refinery29

Magazine and Press Articles from 2012

2012/03: Emily Blunt schools Ewan McGregor in ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ – New York Daily News
2012/03: Emily Blunt on Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, STDs, and Famous L.A. Neighbors – New York Magazine
2012/03: Emily Blunt’s even nicer in person – The Globe and Mail
2012/03: Emily Blunt is a big fish in acting pond with 3 films due – USA Today
2012/04: Blunt approach to film? Be real – Los Angeles Times
2012/05: Speaking Bluntly – Manhattan
2012/06: Why Emily Blunt can’t believe her luck – The Guardian
2012/06: Emily Blunt – A Brit at home in Hollywood – The Independent
2012/06: Q&A: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt and Lynn Shelton – Time Out
2012/09: Emily Blunt Talks Keeping It Real in ‘Looper,’ ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ and ‘All You Need is Kill’ – Indiewire
2012/09: Emily Blunt On ‘Looper,’ Playing A Mother And Hanging Out In Rural Louisiana – Moviefone
2012/09: Let’s Be Blunt – Now Toronto

Magazine and Press Articles from 2011

2011/02: The Accidental Actress – ELLE Canada
2011/02: Blunt ambition – The Irish Times
2011/02: Emily Blunt Plays My Favorite Scene: ‘I’ve Seen It About 30 Times.’ – Movieline
2011/02: Emily Blunt on Gnomeo and Juliet, Her Love of Filth, and Five-Year Engagement – Movieline
2011/02: The Adjustment Bureau: Emily Blunt interview – The Telegraph
2011/03: Emily Blunt Takes Action – The Daily Beast
2011/03: Blunt Force – Women’s Health
2011/06: Emily Blunt on How She Overcame Her Stutter – New York Magazine
2011/11: Being Blunt – The Telegraph

Magazine and Press Articles from 2010

2010/01: Royal Watch – Flare
2010/02: Emily Blunt explores animalistic love with ‘The Wolfman’ – Examiner
2010/02: Blunt Force – Los Angeles Times
2010/02: Emily Blunt: ‘Everyone wants the first bite’ – The Guardian
2010/09: Tales of the Unexpected Star – ELLE UK
2010/12: Emily Blunt gets right to the point – The Herald Sun

Magazine and Press Articles from 2009

2009/02: Emily Blunt’s David Lynch Moment – BlackBook
2009/02: Down to Earth, Even When Off the Wall – New York Times
2009/02: The Young Victoria: Another screen queen – The Independent
2009/03: Emily Blunt’s Life After Prada – Parade
2009/04: ‘You Can Get Away With a Lot With This Accent!’ – Movieline
2009/04: A spot of tea and bit of ‘Sunshine’ with Emily Blunt – USA Today
2009/06: Enter a new leading lady – The Guardian
2009/11: Women in Hollywood: Emily Blunt – ELLE
2009/11: Eminent Victorian – New York Magazine
2009/12: Emily Blunt Talks Rasta Hats, Celebrity – BlackBook
2009/12: Emily Blunt Interview for The Young Victoria – Collider
2009/12: Emily Blunt’s quirky appeal – Entertainment Weekly
2009/12: Emily Blunt Gets the Royal Treatment – Interview
2009/12: Emily Blunt, Discovering A Vital ‘Young Victoria’ – NPR
2009/12: Emily Blunt: a Royal Talent – Los Angeles Confidential
2009/12: Emily Blunt: A Queen, uncorseted – Los Angeles Times
2009/12: Emily Blunt’s crowning achievement – Los Angeles Times
2009/12: Emily Blunt on the Queen and her heart – National Post
2009/12: The Hot Seat: Emily Blunt – Time Out
2009/12: Emily Blunt on Scripts, Sarah Ferguson and Surviving Corsets – Wall Street Journal

Magazine and Press Articles from 2008

2008/01: Emily’s star on rise, to be Blunt – The Sydney Morning Herald
2008/01: Emily Blunt works double shift at Sundance – The Vancouver Sun
2008/02: Hollywood Royalty – GQ UK
2008/04: The Americanization of Emily – T Magazine

Magazine and Press Articles from 2007

2007/09: A stylish entrance – Los Angeles Times
2007/09: Blunt moves from the runway to the royal family – San Francisco Chronicle
2007/09: From Scene Stealer to Star on the Rise – Washington Post
2007/10: Putting it Bluntly – W Magazine
2007/11: To Be Blunt – The Telegraph
2007/11: Blunt Speaking – The Times

Magazine and Press Articles from 2005

2005/05: Feeling her way through the role – Los Angeles Times
2005/06: Emily Blunt: Dangerous Beauty – Backstage
2005/06: Emily Blunt and Natalie Press: Their Summer of Being Loved – New York Times
2005/06: Flesh was the test for steamy teen rompers – The Sydney Morning Herald
2005/06: Rich girl, poor girl – The Age